At Quest Music Services (QMS), we're on a mission to bring the power of music to everyone. As a non-profit arts organization, we specialize in delivering incredible music opportunities and arts experiences to children, young people, and adults with and without learning disabilities. Our services are diverse and inclusive, with urban music workshops, live events, community radio, artist showcases, and music productions all on offer.

We're proud to offer a range of workshops tailored to meet individuals' needs, from music production and radio presenting to positive rap and vocal coaching. We also provide sensory music sessions for those with SEND children and youth at risk, adults with learning disabilities, and people with mental health problems, who may have limited access to arts and cultural activities.

Our music technology lab is equipped with electronic instruments, digital kinaesthetic devices, MIDI laser controllers, and sensory resources, enabling artistic expression and creativity for all ages and needs. We work with qualified tutors from the music industry and integrate disabled artists into mainstream community festivals across Thurrock and South Essex.

Our arts hub, located in Grays Thurrock, is a fantastic space with workshop areas for arts activities, a specialist performance area/studio with a green-screened digital broadcast studio, a professional production media suite and music studio, an outdoor garden area with visual art and community space, and a unique specialist record shop experience that is a replica of a dance music record shop from the 90s, doubling as a broadcast area.

We're proud to host cultural events, live music, poetry, and art exhibitions, encouraging original art and nurturing new talent. Our community radio station, Thames Delta Radio, showcases DJs/MCs, singer/songwriters, and musicians to public online audiences. We also offer our services to other art groups, meeting, planning, and delivering art-based projects.

Funded by Arts Council England, National Lottery, Hew Watt Family Charitable Fund, Thurrock CVS, FSJ Trust, and community donations, QMS works with local authorities, youth services, schools, charitable groups, internationally known artists, and large festival organizers. Join us in our mission to bring the joy of music and art to everyone! 

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